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Home En Majordomo Wall Hangers

The perfect

Unparalled elegance and style

Majordomo is the piece of furnishing that you were looking for.

The Swiss rigour and the Italian artisanship give life to wall hangers of innovative functionality and of striking beauty. The certified solid ash wood and the 24k gold add quality and extreme refinement.

This idea came to a man who wasn’t satisfied with banality when it comes to his bedroom…

Our Products

Majordomo’s wall hangers and panels have particular names: they are inspired by the venetian culture. Court balls, beautiful damsels, refined accessories: a timeless story to revive in every occasion.
Home En Majordomo Wall Hangers


A fascinating play of lines,
dimensions and shapes
Home En Majordomo Wall Hangers


A versatile personality enclosed in a set
of wall hangers and trousers hangers
Home En Majordomo Wall Hangers


A discreet companion
for your work trip or pleasure trip
Home En Majordomo Wall Hangers


An enchantment of order and symmetry becomes a support and a decoration

A fascinating vision

The wood grain and the gold brilliance enchant your senses

Home En Majordomo Wall Hangers
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A stylish and discreet presence

“Where should I put the clothes that I’ve just taken off and that I want to wear tomorrow?”
Many people wonder about this, both those who are spending their time outside their house, in hotels, and those who come back home.
The chair is meant to sit down, the valet stand is unsightly and bulky; not to mention what a terrible idea is putting the clothes on the pavement.
The answer to this need comes from Majordomo, the stylish and measured maitre that brings order back into your closets.

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Home En Majordomo Wall Hangers

Fabrica by Salvatore Milazzo
via Sirana 45 CH-6814
Lamone - Switzerland