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cosmopolitan spirit

Majordomo is a brand by Fabrica, a dynamic and new brands-oriented business company.

The company’s headquarters is located in Switzerland, a country well-known for its rigour, both in the work methods and in the promotion of the local culture.

Majordomo is born among the Swiss mountains and grows with the contribution of international companies. This exchange of knowledge and experiences makes the hangers perfect in all of their parts.


The wall hangers, the clothes hanger and the trousers hanger by Majordomo are made
with the collaboration of Italian companies carefully chosen.
Their professionalism and inventiveness give an irreplaceable contribution to the quality of the products

Our planet,
a treasure to save

Fabrica exclusively employs wood that has been certified by FSC, guarantee of responsible management of the forests.
The paints used are lead-free. The shipment takes place in recycled packaging. Did you know that every year four 49ft tall fir tree are cut down to produce
a single sheet of instructions? When you purchase an order, Fabrica sends you all the information you need using the e-mails,
thus avoiding the unnecessary waste of paper.

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About Us Majordomo Wall Hangers

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