The international aim of the brand MajorDomo makes it to attend several fairs and events all over the world. For example, it took part in January to Maison&Objet, in France, and in June will participate to Tendence 2017, in Germany. These two fairs are both focused on design and furnishing.

Tendence: the fair for home and gift ideas

The Tendence fair takes place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and it’s a place where experts of the industry gather to exhibit house furnishings, furniture and decorations, and gift ideas.

The fair will host international exhibitors and numerous booths of brands of greater or lesser renown. Homemade products will be exhibited, covering furniture for indoor and outdoor areas such as bathroom accessories, carpets and wall panels; there will also be numerous booths that will offer gift ideas such as jewellery, scented candles and wooden toys.

Through conferences and presentations, central topics of the industry will be discussed, such as the design, the sustainability of the materials, and the importance of creativity.

MajorDomo at the 2017 Tendence fair

From June 24 to June 27, 2017, MajorDomo will attend the Tendence fair, bringing its luxury hangers. It will be an opportunity to show the innovative hanger that the company produces to the German public and all the participants at the fair.

The hangers by MajorDomo are extremely functional and a great alternative to the clothes valet stand and the chair. Thanks to the moving parts, the hangers can be closed when they’re not used, thus saving space. They are not just practical: the solid wood and the 24k gold make the hanger beautiful and elegant piece of furnishings that enriches every room of the house.

Tendence will be the occasion not only to show MajorDomo products to the German and the international audience, but it will also help us to discover the new trends of home and interior design and, that’s more, to listen to the needs of the clients, giving them an elegant and prestigious solution. 

Majordomo’s products are born thanks to the collaboration between the Swiss rigour and the Italian artisanship. This international inclination goes along with its partecipation in international exhibitions: MajorDomo took part in the latest edition of the Masion&Object fair, where it was noticed by, a French blog about lifestyle.

The importance of internationalization to MajorDomo

Fabrica, the company that owns MajorDomo’s brand, has a strong cosmopolitan spirit: born among the Swiss mountains, it relies on the valuable contribution of the Italian artisanship and collaborates with international companies. This exchange of experiences and knowledge make the hangers perfect in all of their parts.

MajorDomo’s products are meant for an international market, to satisfy the needs of its costumers in every corner of the world. To this end, it enthusiastically attends design fairs, such as Maison & Object, which took place in Paris in January 2017. This fair is an opportunity for those who work in this industry to exhibit new home furnishing and decorating styles for the house, and to introduce new innovative products, as MajorDomo itself did.

MajorDomo in the words of the French blog

Thanks to its presence at the Maison & Object fair, MajorDomo has been able to extend its international visibility. Among nearly 3,000 companies, it was noted by, a French blog that writes about  various topics, including lifestyle, travels and home decor. has positively judged MajorDomo and its innovative products. In particular, it has emphasized its functionality: Majordomo’s hangers can sustain the clothes without ruining the fabrics. has appreciated also the Swiss rigour of the design and the elegance of the contrast between the solid ash wood and the 24k gold dipped metal details.

Precious woods, soft lines, luxurious details and a preference for eco-sustainable materials: these are the features that appreciates the most about MajorDomo products; according to the blog, the hangers are ideal products for the “lovers of rare and refined objects”.

Here you can read the article written by, in which you can find MajorDomo.

Majordomo took part to the januray 2017 edition of Maison&Objet.

The fair, set in the beautiful city of Paris, offers the best of design and well staying.

Maison&Objet: where new trends start

The design fair in the fashion capital: Maison&Object is an international event that every year gains hundreds of thousand people.

Exactly, in the first edition of 2017, that took place from 20 to 24th January,  there were 85 thousand visitors, with a growth of 12,3% compared to the year before.

Nearly 3000 business, coming from 59 states all over the world, took part to the fair.

Maison&Object is the occasion to show new concepts and home decor styles.
Experience and wellness are the keywords of the events in the fair.

Majordomo’s staying at Maison&Object

In the kingdom of the elegance and refinement Majordomo felt at home.

Rialto wall hangers were shown to the visitors, that have been surprised by a product which connect design to functionality.

Deluxe panels, finely realized by italian artisans, brought the glaze tho the discovery of the solid wood and the gold.

Our products also draw the attention of Glose, French magazine focused on lifestyle, that wrote about Majordomo in its article dedicated to the fair.