Made in Italy from solid ash wood by expert craftsmen, the Rialto, Casanova and Polo collections of hangers are an expression of elegance, style and design, a must-have for your wardrobe.
The following points explain why ash wood hangers are ideal for women’s clothing:

Durability: Ash wood is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for hangers. Women’s clothing can be delicate and lightweight, so a strong ash wood hanger will ensure that it can support the weight of the garments without bending or breaking.

Smooth surface: Ash wood generally has a smooth surface, which is gentle on delicate fabrics such as silk, chiffon or lace, which are often found in women’s clothing. Unlike metal or plastic hangers, which can have rough edges or sharp hooks that can snag or damage garments, ash wood hangers offer a smooth surface that minimises the risk of snagging or pulling.

Versatility: Ash wood hangers are versatile and can accommodate different types of women’s clothing. They are suitable for hanging dresses, blouses, tops, coats and other garments, including those with narrow straps or delicate embellishments. The wide shoulders of ash wood hangers also help to keep garments in shape and prevent them from slipping.

Aesthetics: Ash is renowned for its beautiful natural grain and warm colour, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wardrobe or closet.

Maison&Object: the fair for home and gift ideas

TheMaison&Object fair takes place inParis, France, and it’s a place where experts of the industry gather to exhibit house furnishings, furniture and decorations, and gift ideas.

The fair will host international exhibitors and numerous booths of brands of greater or lesser renown. Homemade products will be exhibited, covering furniture for indoor and outdoor areas such as bathroom accessories, carpets and wall panels; there will also be numerous booths that will offer gift ideas such as jewellery, scented candles and wooden toys.

Through conferences and presentations, central topics of the industry will be discussed, such as the design, the sustainability of the materials, and the importance of creativity.

MajorDomo at the 2018 Maison&Object

From Jan 19 to Jan 23, MajorDomo will attend the Maison &Object fair, bringing its luxury hangers. It will be an opportunity to show the innovative hanger that the company produces to the all public and all the participants at the fair.

The hangers by MajorDomo are extremely functional and a great alternative to the clothes valet stand and the chair. Thanks to the moving parts, the hangers can be closed when they’re not used, thus saving space. They are not just practical: the solid wood and the 24k gold make the hanger beautiful and elegant piece of furnishings that enriches every room of the house.

Maison&Object will be the occasion not only to show MajorDomo products to the France and the international audience, but it will also help us to discover the new trends of home and interior design and, that’s more, to listen to the needs of the clients, giving them an elegant and prestigious solution.

MajorDomo at Maison&Object Paris Villepinte Majordomo Wall Hangers

Since 1 December,

MajorDomo has been presenting its collections of luxury clothes hangers in the Presenteur exhibition space at Saks Fifth Avenue

MajorDomo awaits you at Saks Fifth Avenue Majordomo Wall Hangers

will be an opportunity to show US audiences the innovative hangers that the company produces.

Are you looking for a solution to hang your clothes? Don’t settle for ordinary. The hangers by MajorDomo are functional, refined and of great design. now you can find us at Saks Fifth Avenue

You can place them in different rooms of your house: they will bring cleanness and elegance.

Only Saks Fifth Avenue finds MajorDomo collections

MajorDomo awaits you at Saks Fifth Avenue Majordomo Wall Hangers

Hangers and trousers hangers for the bedroom

What makes special our products is the combination between the minimal design, the refined materials, solid ash wood and 24kt gold, and the practicality of the moving parts, which can be opened and closed accordingly to your needs.

The Casanova line, which includes two hangers and a trousers hanger, is the solution to your everyday needs in the bedroom.

You can get rid of chairs, valet stands, tables and any other type of furniture where clothes are usually placed on, getting creased. Thanks to MajorDomo you’ll have a tidy house and clothes without creases.

A piece of furniture for the bathroom

Our hangers and trousers hangers, although they’re made of wood, are opportunely treated with waterproofing materials, thus making them suitable for the bathroom.

You can place your towels on them, so they can be at hand, or your towelling robes, preventing them to get creased, or your clean clothes while you have a shower, preventing them to get wet.

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