The Idea

Intuition, design, dedication, attention to the details: Majordomo comes from ambition and takes life thanks to a careful study of design and materials.

A Swiss businessman, on top of his successful career, suddenly had a problem: how to put away the clothes he needed the following day.

The valet stand or the traditional coat rack were a bulky and old-fashioned solution. The plastic hangers weren’t suitable to hang his suits.

Thus, he came up with the idea of elegant and resistant hangers, practical and with a modern design.

As all the great projects, it remains unrealised for a long time, precisely 14 years.

In 2015, the great dream is revived, Majordomo is finally born.

Concept Majordomo Wall Hangers

The mechanism
is the heart of the hangers

What makes Majordomo a winning idea is the innovation of the product itself.

The traditional hanger remains fixed and static, thus being an useless waste of space, particularly when it is not used.

Majordomo’s moving parts allow the hanger to be closed, saving space. This mechanism finds its greatest expression in the trousers hanger, which is very practical and a discreet support in the most intimate rooms, such as the bedroom and the bathroom.

The travel hanger closes on itself, becoming the perfect space-saving solution
to put in your luggage.

Minimal design
of soft lines

Before becoming physical matter, the best ideas are born from pen and paper. This certainty leads Majordomo during the collaboration with design studios. Ideas becomes sketches, shapes and sizes are studied with precision.

After the end of the design, Majordomo’s elegant wall hangers take on a minimalist, but undoubtedly of high-impact, style. Their soft lines gently accompany the eye, without disturbing the environment in which the hangers are placed.

Concept Majordomo Wall Hangers
Concept Majordomo Wall Hangers

in the wood and in the gold

The functionality of the innovation and the elegant design combine with the careful selection of the materials.

Majordomo strictly uses solid wood, with his robustness and excellent qualities. Its manufacturing highlights the grain, which creates unique twines on each piece.

The gold completes it all, giving the hanger a unique preciousness. Screws and other visible parts are 24kt gold-dipped.

In the Deluxe line, the wall hangers and the travel hangers are pure gold-coated.

This manufacturing is completed by Italians craftsmen with their skills and deep knowledge of raw materials.

Concept Majordomo Wall Hangers

via Costera CH-6932
Breganzona - Switzerland