Elegance in an accessory to keep with you in and out of the house. Polo design hangers are made to be placed in the closet or carried while traveling

Hangers for suitcase and wardrobe

The Polo line is an alternative to the traditional hangers.

The mobile arms can be closed: a space-saving solution very appreciated by those who are about to prepare the suitcase.

The practical hook, which can also be closed, allows you to hang the hangers.

You can carry the hangers of MajorDomo on your travels, whether they are short or long time, like those of the famous adventurer from whom this line takes its name.

When you return home, they will be very useful for storing clothes in your closet or walk-in closet.

You can also use Polo hangers in the furnishings of your luxury hotel  guests will appreciate finding quality wooden hangers in their room, instead of those in plastic or iron.

Solid wood and gold: a refined combination

The design hangers of the Polo line are made of solid ash wood, the details of the moving parts are wetted with 24 kt gold.

The finishes are done by hand, by Italian craftsmen carefully chosen for their skill: you will have the security of receiving a unique piece.

The modern design of the polo hangers

The Polo hangers and all the other MajorDomo products are designed starting from a careful study of the design

The sinuous lines fascinate the eye, but without giving too much in the eye. The minimal impact allows the hangers to be inserted in rooms and wardrobes of any style of furniture, from the most traditional to the ultra modern. 

The models of Polo design hangers

The Polo line includes models in different shades, to satisfy different tastes and furnishing needs. you can choose, among others, the whiteness of Polo White, the soft contrast of Polo Summer or the refinement of Polo Black.

Polo cedar: the precious Canadian cedar wood

Among the proposals for wooden hangers by MajorDomo, the Polo Cedar model is worthy of note. Canadian cedar wood is highly sought after for its fresh aroma that gradually releases, making clothes and wardrobes fragrant.

Our Polo hangers are perfect for:

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