Are you looking for a refined and exclusive furnishing accessory? MajorDomo offers you its Deluxe line of luxury hangers and panels finished in gold. You can proudly show them to your guests: they’ll be amazed!

Coat hangers covered in gold leaf in shades of Pink, pure gold, white gold and Champagne

In Deluxe you will find the best of MajorDomo’s experience. 

In addition to the mobile arms and modern design that are the basis of the product concept, the coat racks in this line are completely covered in gold.

You can choose between the elegance of the Classic model (yellow gold), the refinement of Rose (pink gold), the quality of Champagne (champagne gold) and the purity of Pure (white gold). any room you want to furnish, with the luxury coat racks of MajorDomo you will add a touch of unparalleled refinement.

Wooden decorative panels with gold veining

The expert hands of Italian craftsmen produce decorative panels from solid wood with an elegant appearance and natural veins in relief.

 At the end of this first process, a very delicate step takes place: the meticulous covering with gold leaf, then removed in a very delicate way. 

The result leaves a wonder in the eyes of the beholder: gold flows through the wood, creating an ecstatic harmony. 

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MajorDomo wanted to keep the Deluxe line for sale by confidential negotiation, so as to ensure the full satisfaction of your needs. 

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Deluxe Classic

Deluxe Champagne

Deluxe Rose con pannello


Deluxe white con pannello

Pannello bianco con dettagli in oro

Pannello nero con dettagli in oro