Welcome to MajorDomo’s new site!

The intuitive and functional design of this site will guide you in your discover of our refined, practical and high-valued hangers: a piece of home furnishing you can’t do without!

MajorDomo: an innovative idea to hang your clothes

The idea for MajorDomo’s hangers came to a man who wasn’t satisfied with banality. He wasn’t content with the traditional tools used to hang the clothes, so he found a better solution: an innovative, functional and elegant product.

The innovation is found in the practicality of the hangers, which don’t stay static but can be closed thanks to their moving parts, so you can save space in your rooms. The preciousness of the materials – solid ash wood and 24kt gold dipped metals – make the hangers an elegant piece of design that enriches your house.

MajorDomo’s hangers are born from Swiss rigour and Italian artisanship, and they are meant for an international market. Much attention is given to the quality of the materials (the wood used is certified by FSC) and to the respect of the environment.

Intuitiveness and practicality for the MajorDomo’s site

MajorDomo’s site reflects its products’ functionality: its design is intuitive and helps you to browse the site in an easy way, to discover the hangers’ world better.

Surfing the site you can discover this innovative idea’s origins and its products: the Rialto hangers, the Casanova set of wall hangers and trousers’ hangers, the Polo travel hangers, the Palladio panels and the precious Deluxe line. Each one of this products line has its own peculiar characteristics.   

The site also has an e-commerce portal, so anyone who wants to purchase MajorDomo’s products can buy them online. In the e-commerce portal, you can easily find all the information you need about the hangers and also decide which one fits better the furnishings of your bedroom or any other room of your house.