Majordomo produces different models of wall and travel hangers, with their own design and functionality.
Every product can be completely personalized in colours and finishing.
The engraving of either brand logo or initials will make unique a classy object.

Products Majordomo Wall Hangers


Wall hangers

Just like the famous Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice, these wall hangers stand out for their elegant design, harmonious proportions and refined details.

With their variety of colours, the hangers can easily be put in every type of furnishings; the shades’ combination is the creative expression of the most noble moods.

The Rialto wall hangers can be placed in the hall, to immediately seize your guests’ eyes, or in the bedroom, as a support for the clothes. If put in the bathroom, they hang clothes, towels and bathrobes.

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Two hangers and a trousers hanger

Majordomo, like a maitre, becomes a restrained yet indispensable presence.

The Casanova set offers elegance and comfort in every room of the house at any time of the day.

Along with the functionality of the wall hanger there is the trousers hanger which, thanks to his particular closure, can be used to hang trousers and skirts.

By day and by night, in public and in private, Casanova takes on different personalities. And it is always perfect.

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Travel hangers with perfect design

A classy traveller always needs to have accessories that measure up with his destinations.

In this Majordomo’s line, the careful choice of the materials matches with the functionality of the moving parts, which allow the hanger to be closed.

Put in the luggage, Polo finds its place among the clothes.

Placed inside a walk-in closet, it becomes a perfect space-saving solution. Found in the wardrobe, it is a pleasant surprise for your guest.

Some peculiar travel hangers are made with cedar wood, a variety of wood that is highly valued for its gradually released aroma: the clothes and the wardrobe will be permeated by a pleasant freshness.

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Decorative wall panels

An excellent product cannot be separated from its support.

The Palladio wooden panels are carefully engraved with thin and precise lines, that harmoniously accompany the natural grain of the material.

The panels are a support for the hangers, but not only: the panels have such a careful design and refined details that they can be used as wainscoting, as a wall decoration or as an element of furnishing.

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Exploring Elegance: The Allure of Canaletto Collection’s Timeless Design

In the realm of furniture design, the Canaletto collection stands as a testament to the marriage of simplicity and sophistication. This new line, characterized by its clean lines, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative features, elevates the concept of home decor to a whole new level.


Products Majordomo Wall Hangers

Deluxe Line

For those who always want the best, Majordomo’s Deluxe line has incomparable preciousness.

The hangers are coated with 24kt gold leaf; every single piece is unique, since it’s made by artisans, in a very meticulous way. You can find gold also in the deluxe panels: the gold leaf, carefully applied and brushed, fits the panels’ engravings and enhances the wood grain.

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Products Majordomo Wall Hangers

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