Are you looking for an elegant coat rack that emphasizes refined environments, but without giving too much in the eye? Do you want an alternative to the traditional wall hangers that remain fixed, becoming an annoying encumbrance when not in use?

MajorDomo is the solution for you: our wall coat rack design made of solid ash wood, with details in 24 kt gold and have mobile arms that can be closed.

Unique wall coat hangers

The sinuous lines of the Rialto wooden coat racks are reminiscent of the famous Venetian bridge. Equipped with a solid structure, they have a modern design, which goes with any type of interior design without giving too much attention.

The reference to the culture of the Bel Paese is not accidental: our products are in fact made with the precious collaboration of Italian craftsmen.

Creative wall coat rack
made of solid ash finished with golden details

The Rialto wall coat hangers are made of solid ash wood, which is carefully finished by hand: the natural veins thus have a way to stand out.

The visible details of the moving parts are wetted with 24 kt gold, a shrewdness that gives refinement to the product.

Why MajorDomo coat racks are innovative

Our proposal differs from the others in the market because the clothes are hung in their natural position.

This functionality, the result of a careful design study, also the arms can be closed changing the design and, above all, to make them not a static object, but a practical furnishing accessory.

The wooden wall hangers of the Rialto line can be hung by means of two hooks, which can be fixed to the wall by means of screws. You can decide to combine your purchase with our decorative panels, also made of solid wood.

All the colours of the Rialto wall coat rack

Rialto coat racks are available in different shades, to meet all your needs. You can choose, for example, between the simplicity of the natural wood of Rialto Nude, the strong colours of Rialto Storm or the elegance of Rialto Black.

The rialto coat racks are perfect for:

  • The bedroom: you can put your clothes on it, instead of using a chair
  • The entrance: to welcome your guests with a touch of originality and elegance
  • Your studio: complete with design the furniture you have chosen
  • Your hotel: you’ll replace the cumbersome servomutum, your customers will appreciate it.

Wall hangers for sale online 

Rialto wall hangers are on sale in our shop, where you can consult all the variations of color and see the prices.

Purchase is quick and secure, shipments are made all over the world!


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