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Our wall, trousers and travel hangers are:

  • Functional: the moving parts allow the hangers to be opened and closed
  • Made by solid wood
  • Enriched by golden details (in the Deluxe line the hangers are entirely coated with 24kt gold)
  • Handmade by Italian artisan

Rialto: wooden wall hangers

Hanger made with solid ash wood, that you can fix on the wall.

It’s the ideal object to hang jackets, sweaters and bathrobes in the entryway, in the bedroom and in the bathoom. Thanks to its modern design, it can be placed in every type of interior design, from the country style to the minimal style.

The hanger, thanks to its moving parts, can be opened and closed accordingly to your needs: from being a support to clothes it becomes a descreet piece of furniture; this feature makes the product particularly fitting for small places, where it is essential to save space.

Technical features

How to use the hangers

Wooden wall hangers, trousers and travel hangers for your resale Majordomo Wall Hangers

Casanova: a set of hangers and
trousers hangers

MajorDomo’s research to find a solution to hang clothes and to replace the chair and the valet stand has come to an end: we have made Casanova.

This set, made of two wall hangers and a trousers hanger, can be placed in the bedroom, or in the bathroom. In the first case it will be useful to hang trousers and clothes to wear the following day, in the second case you can use it to hang towels and bathrobes.

The trousers hanger is different from all the other products you can find in the industry because of its structure: on the moving parts, which can be opened or closed, you can hang two pairs of trousers.

Casanova is a complete solution that will satisfy the needs of different people: of single people that live in a small flat (and needs to save space), of families who try to keep the house tidy, or also, of couples who want to buy a modern and refined piece of furniture. 

Wooden wall hangers, trousers and travel hangers for your resale Majordomo Wall Hangers

Technical features

(single piece)

Trousers hangers

You can have the Casanova set in these colours: white, black, reddish purple, black/white, reddish purple/white, reddish purple/red 

How to use
the trousers hangers

Wooden wall hangers, trousers and travel hangers for your resale Majordomo Wall Hangers

Polo: hangers of great design

To arrive in a hotel and to find few hangers to hang the clothes in the wardrobe, made of materials of poor quality.
It’s a common situation, that happens to your clients as well.
The wooden hangers of the Polo line are created to solve this problem.
They can be closed on themselves, so they take up little space in your luggage.
The Polo hangers are light, don’t take up a lot of space and at the same time they’re refined and elegant: made with solid wood, the details are gold-dipped, the carefully researched design is modern but not excessive, thus the hanger is an object appreciated by many.

In the Polo Cedar model, additional attention is given to the product’s refinement: the hanger is made of Canadian cedar wood, a varieté appreciated because it slowly releases its pleasing aroma.

Once your journey is over, the hangers can be easily put in the wardrobe and used every day to hang the clothes.

Technical features

How to use the
travel hangers

Wooden wall hangers, trousers and travel hangers for your resale Majordomo Wall Hangers

Palladio: decorative wall panels

To fix an hanger to the wall, most of the times you have to drill the wall and use screws, often creating damages. The Palladio panels solve this problem. Easy to fix to the wall, also for those who are not experts in the field, the panels only need few supports.

The Palladio wall panels, made with solid wood, are resistant and can sustain the hangers.

The modern design, designed by specialized studios, and its handcrafted finishing, made by experienced Italian artisans, gives the panel a pleasing appearance to the eye, with the natural wood grain that stand out.

You can propose to your client the Palladio panels combined with the Rialto hangers or by themselves, as an elegant accessory that completes the home furnishings.

Technical features

The product contains 2 wall panels, each of them has 3 pieces, it’s easy to put them together. 

Single piece

Palladio panels
Rialto hangers

The Palladio panels can be purchased jointly with Rialto wooden wall hangers. You can create bolder combinations, such as Rialto Storm and Palladio Gray, or simpler, such as the union between Palladio White and Rialto White.

The deluxe line: luxury hangers and panels

Exquisite products that embellish your inventory.
The Deluxe line has been created for the entrance of the MajorDomo brand in the luxury furnishing industry.

The hangers are fully coated in 24kt gold, in its variants: yellow, white, pink and champagne.

The wall panels are covered with gold leaf by experienced Italian artisans.
After a careful brushing phase, the result is astonishing: the gold finds its way to the wood grain and then slides along the entire panel.

If you want to offer unmatched refinement to your costumers, you can not do without the Deluxe Line.

Technical features

Technical features

About us

MajorDomo is a brand by Fabrica, a swiss company with an international view. Our wooden wall hangers, trousers and travel hangers are made by selected italian artisans. 

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